Alborz Educational Centre

is an Elementary and secondary school, provides programming for students from grade 3 to Grade 12, Ontario Secondary School Diploma. At Alborz, we follow the Ministry of Education curriculum and provide enriched programs that prepares students for their University or College of their choices.

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Alborz also offers TOEFl-iBT, IELTS, MELAB, COPE and YELT preparation courses for International students going to university.  Alborz provides an excellent education, through high expectations of academic achievement and caring individual support, to enable students to learn, to grow, and to become responsible, productive, and contributing members of the global community. Our purpose is to prepare students to fulfill their full potential in higher education and in adult life. 

We believe that all pursuits should be aimed at bringing about a sense of service to the community, respect for others, and a desire to use individual talents to the full. Our educational program prepares students for university and beyond.

To meet students’ needs and to ensure that our students can enter to top Canadian universities, Alborz offers programs including: 
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD),  English Preparatory Program for Foreign Graduate and Under-graduate Students (EPP),  Language Proficiency Program (LPP), TOEFL, and more.  Our EPP-G helps University or High School graduates pursue Master, PhD or Bachelor degrees. 

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