Our teacheader2hers are fundamental to fostering the sense of self-esteem, independence, and respect that we all value. They take great pride in the development of the whole student. They are oriented to provide a learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential.

Our teachers are committed to comprehensive education and academic excellence through high expectations of academic achievement and caring individual support. Teachers are selected based upon their credentials, ability to contribute to the community of the school, their philosophy of education, and their prior experiences.

Each person contributes to the uniqueness of our school in their own special way through their talents, dedication, and experience. In our unique community, students enjoy the opportunities and confidence to find the very best in themselves. The process of learning is a natural expression of the joy of living, and our students learn how to use their minds, how to listen, how to inquire and how to challenge.

All our teachers possess a PhD, a Master degree or a Bachelor degree from Canadian Universities and have valuable prior teaching experience. Guidance at Alborz Educational Center includes course selection and adjustment, University Major selection, university application, etc.

Meet Our Team

J. Andrew Drake
Master of Science Biophysics , University of Guelph
Lana Dubinsky
Master of Teaching , Intermediate / Senior -English & History
Samm Griffin
Bachelor of Ethics, Society and Law & English UofT