The TOEFL test is offered in Internet-Based Testing (iBT) format. The TOEFL iBT test fee is about US $160.  For more information about payment policies, please see Testing and Service Fees. For specific information about the identification/admission requirement on the test day please see TOEFL iBT.
You are able to register Online (for fastest and most convenient service), Register by Phone or Register by Mail.

ETS   1-800-GO-TOEFL (1-800-468-6335).

Alborz is offering a new iBT-TOEFL® English proficiency training program to meet the English proficiency admission requirements for bachelor, masters or PhD programs. The 70-hour training course will last for approximately eight weeks and the program is offered mainly in the evenings and on weekends. Students are permitted a free, one-time repeat of the course if their score is not satisfactory. The iBT TOEFL® training course is taught by renowned English teachers. For several years, our teachers & counselors have successfully helped thousands of students to achieve the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and required certificates such as TOEFL®, IELTS, MELAB, YELT, or COPE,  to enter the University of their Choice.

Test of English as a Foreign Language
International English Language Testing System
Michigan English Language Assessment Battery
Canadian Academic English Language Assessment
York English Language Test
Certificate of Proficiency in English

Compared to traditional PBT (Paper Based TOEFL® test) or CBT (Computer Based TOEFL® test), the new iBT TOEFL® test has undergone many reforms.

A new Speaking section has replaced the previous Structure section.
There are integrated tasks that test several language skills together; a test-taker may need to, for example, read a passage and take notes on it, listen to a passage and take notes on it, and then write or speak about the ideas in the two passages.
There are new kinds of passages and questions on the iBT TOEFL®; the passages that are longer and more challenging, and the new questions test higher-level skills.

There are new kinds of passages in the Reading Section. The passages on the iBT TOEFL® are much longer. The reading passages on the paper and CBT TOEFL® tests are around 350 to 400 words in length, while the reading passages on the iBT TOEFL® are 600 to 700 words in length. The listening passages are also much longer, but that is not the only change in the listening passages: the listening passages have more natural language, with Australian and British accents in addition to American accents, pauses and stammering, errs and “umm”s, and misspeaks and corrections.

There are also quite a few new kinds of questions on the iBT TOEFL®. In the Reading section, there will be new kinds of questions on rhetorical purpose, paraphrasing, overall inferences, and overall organization of ideas, in addition to the more familiar questions on main ideas, details, vocabulary, and reference. In Listening, there will be new kinds of questions on function and stance in addition to the familiar questions on main ideas, details, inferences, and overall organization. In Writing, there is a new integrated task in addition to the familiar 30-minute essay. In Speaking, all the questions are new, with two independent tasks and four integrated tasks.

Finally, the scores of the new test are totally different from either Paper-based test or Computer-based test. The skills tested on the iBT TOEFL® are very different from those tested on the paper or CBT TOEFL® versions of the TOEFL® Test, so comparisons between scores on the different versions of the TOEFL® Test are not really valid. However, ETS has released some information on how the scores on the different versions of the TOEFL® test can be compared.
Both the CBT Writing section and the TWE require you to plan and write an essay on a given topic in 30 minutes.


.Improves your listening skills after the training. The majority of our students are able to get a score of 25 plus out of the 30 points.

.Teaches students’ writing techniques and tricks. All students are able to get over 4.0 points out of 5.0 of the new writing test.

.Teaches students how to avoid mistakes in the speaking test. You will learn wa correct listening which is acceptable for ETS.

.Will offer you the Vocabulary list which is uniquely prepared by our instructor this list and he keeps adding new words into the list every week!

You will find that TOEFL® test is not a heavy burden of you anymore after you finish the training program. Most of George’s students are ready to go to the test after the course.

Training Course: (Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening)
Dates: All year round. Time: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Registration: Ongoing, based on seat availability. Private instruction service is also available.
Teaching Hours: more than 60-hours classroom and 10-hours computer training.